By Wahome Thuku via FB

A FRIEND of mine tells me how she was fired from her job in June this year for refusing to do “what the immediate boss wanted”.

She was a sales assistant for a company called Zenko, which distributes Hanaan and Bella tissues and wet wipes and now some biscuits.

She was one of the ladies you find cleaning up and promoting products in supermarkets. Based on the Ruai-Utawala sides.

She had worked for the company for close to two years and was sent away with no pay for her last months. She is a mother of one, now really struggling due to financial constraints.

I will write to the company HR to pay her (she has allowed me to post this) and name the specific boss. But in the meanwhile kwangu Hanaan na Bella tissues is a NO henceforth. I’m a father of a teenage daughter and I am obliged to defend her and others.

I urge women to do the same. If you would mind if your daughter is fired for refusing male advances, speak out.

I hear companies usually sue when these things are said about them. Tell this one to sue me tuwekelee majina kwa meza. I was born to fight for the weak, I never step back.

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