Top Actor Enters His Wedding Venue on Top of a tractor-WATCH viral video

Indian weddings for years have all been about the bride and all her wedding finery. Now, all that has changed and Indian grooms are enjoying their share of the limelight as well. The grooms these days, are unique, bold, and have a refined taste. While some grooms in India may be fantasizing about their grand entry in Mercedes, BMWs and Lamborghinis, but desi grooms seem to be obsessing with earthy and exotic things. Now, a video of a groom who chose to make his grand entrance on a tractor is creating a buzz on the internet.


In the viral video, a groom is seen making a grand entry to his wedding venue by sitting atop a decorated tractor. The groom festooned up in his desi attire and rode a tractor that was decorated with colorful flowers, and grooved his way to make a grand Bollywood-style entry to the wedding venue. The video has been shared by a page named witty_wedding, on Instagram with the caption, “That time of the wedding when all eyes are on the groom.”

While ditching mare (female horse), grooms are opting for different ways to make grand entries to the venue, on their wedding. And not just the grooms, men are often accompanied by their brides, riding pillion with them. Though it is a ritual for the groom to enter the wedding venue riding on a mare, however, now the traditional entry on a ghori has become a passe. Most grooms prefer reaching the venue on extravagant cars, elegantly decorated chariots and many more.

The video is receiving love from netizens and has garnered over 35k views and over 1000 likes and comments. Reacting to the video, people posted comments like “Bindaas entry”, “smart”, “So cool”, “Beat that entry guys” and more.

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