Top 10 consistent polygamist ”facebookers”, ever online

Here are my top 10 most consistent fesbukas


1. Pasta Kipchoge Ndungata (the very funny makavo imbibing fesbuka has consistently flogged a decaying horse called KANU since we met him on these streets 7 years ago)

2. Gordon Opiyo (the polygamist from Alego may flipflop on virtually every topic…but his opposition to Raila is cast on a big stone)

3. Sandrah Njoki (this Kirinyagian may be one of the most confrontational fesbuka we know, but she is also one of the most principled political commentators on these streets. Political flipfloping and Njoki don’t see eye to eye)

4. Ronoh Kipchumba Cornely (if you think you don’t like William Ruto, think again. This KANU employee doesn’t just oppose Ruto, he actually hates the man. We are told he just come from a 40 day dry fast to ensure Ruto anaanguka mpaka kajichore mtu)

5. Onyango Ochieng Jr. (skip the kizungu mingi and you’ll find a true Raila Minion. The fisherman may change positions on many things and even try to be rational at times, but his defense of Raila is GUARANTEED. We are sure Ochieng will vote for Raila in 2047)

We’ll be back with the other 5…in the meantime, you can add fesbukas who’ve been consistent since you knew them

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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