Student beaten for opposing mp during election, denied bursary,it was wrong

Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani
Yesterday at 6:08 AM ·
Kenya has become an extremely violent society. It is not that we have not been, but it seems to be getting worse.


A man allegedly killed his wife and two kids.
Same week, six young men were killed in one fell swoop in Western Kenya where at least a rape incident is recorded every day.

You would expect that once the six men were subdued, they would have at the very least been left to nurse their injuries and live to tell. Or at least, be handed over to the authorities. But wapi. They were senselessly killed.

Last week a video surfaced from Bomachoge CDF offices where some young man, I am made to understand a political busybody was being clobbered with viciously, and with so much anger you wonder what he had exactly done. Then we later learnt he was being beaten in front of a police station and was later asked to apologise lest the police trump all manner of charges on him.

And late last week, a video surfaced of a manager of a supermarket in Kitengela beating up a hapless woman, so bad. Yet we know when an employee does something that is wrong, there are channels of handling that. You can be sure that woman is not the only one who is always on the receiving end of the man’s wrath and men could even be suffering worse at his hand.

There was a rumour that the man had “apologized” and the woman had “forgiven” him but pressure from social media led the man to be arrested. We never follow up after arresting what happens. Chances are the man can buy his Justice and before you know it, he is quietly back at work.

Makes me wonder: Who owns your body?

You can see why governments in Sub-Saharan Africa are quietly sneaking draconian laws to gag social media. Social Media commands raw power power. In Nigeria, the new laws disguised as an initiative to curb fake news and hate speech have passed the second reading and will inevitably become law. In Kenya, we already have a primer in parliament. In Uganda, Museveni made the use of social media so costly, by taxing the hell out of citizens for using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Masses have been locked out and only the middle class can use social media, and we know the middle class rarely have numbers to make things work.

What do you think?

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