Richard Ngatia: Cartel Causing Kenyans More Pain During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Richard Ngatia, the President of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) is a bad man hiding in plain sight. He represents the worst of capitalist greed that can ever happen in the history of mankind.


All human beings pursue happiness, and health is wealth for that matter.

The former DJ who owns the Galileo Lounge along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi has mastered the art of state capture. Aided by being a trusted ally of the first family, Ngatia has stopped at nothing to rip off Kenyans. Chasing profits in the most inhumane ways in the health sector

The short man from Central Kenya, whose presence doesn’t dominate, can pass as any other person, but the power he wields in Kenya’s healthcare circles will shock you.

Richard Ngatia looks like the shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health.

In the latest scandal on vaccines, Megascope, a firm associated with the KNCCI president stands to win big.

In the race to bring the vaccines to Kenya, other healthcare cartels beat Ngatia to it through the importation of Russia-made Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V, using smuggling routes.

The free vaccines issued under the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) wasn’t so enticing for the Ngatia led cartels. They’ve hoarded it since December last year, thinking of ways to monetize it but failed.

When SPutnik V came to these shores through another cartel, it was a matter of time before the Galileo-tied cartel would make a move.

It is said that they arm-twisted Health CS Mutahi Kagwe to denounce vaccines imported by private entities.

So, on the 2nd April 2021, the Government of Kenya revoked licences for the importation and distribution of Covid19 vaccines by the private sector. This was announced by CS Kagwe himself, having been incorporated into the heartless Galileo Lounge discussion group.

We shall update you on who will handle the ‘government-backed vaccine’.

It is not rocket science that Richard Ngatia’s name was mentioned in the KEMSA Heist. Megasope received contracts worth over Sh1 billion.

Galileo, the meeting place/discussion group

According to sources, on most Wednesday evenings, Ngatia blocks off the VIP section of Galileo Lounge and proceeds to host high-level dignitaries and close friends, while being entertained by top one-man-guitar cum country music artiste, Sir Elvis.

The discussion group that decides Kenya’s healthcare direction sits around imbibing alcohol and thinking about their profits rather than the welfare of Kenyans. They comprise of the abrasive Jubilee boss David Murathe, long-time Uhuru Kenyatta aide Njee Muturi, scandalous journalist Jeff Koinange, the depressing Eugene Wamalwa, and Uhuru Kenyatta private secretary and big handed man Jomo Gecaga.

This is the inner circle, a clique of influential but not so intelligent people that control government policy and can issue directions to the intelligence and security agencies.

Daily Nation cover page showing DCI detectives inside Goodman Agencies stores after a raid over ‘questionable’ covid-19 test kits. This was just putting competition in check. The Ngatia led group would go to great lenths not to be upstaged by competition. If it was true that Goodman Agencies had anything to do with fake test kits, where has the case reached?

Little wonder that in the KEMSA Scandal, Ngatia had prior intelligence of lockdown in 2020 and so stocked up on essentials such as ICU beds; furthermore, this is the same cartel that diverted the donations given by the Chinese Billionaire and philanthropist Jack Ma.

The greatest cause of distress during this COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya revolves around the well-known fact that we lack the medical capacity to handle a full-blown infection, or maybe it is an overrated flu.

We are now in the Third Wave and since March 2020, Kenya which doesn’t know how to keep correct data has lost 2258 people from over 139,000 cases. Worse still, these are lives which ould have been saved, for they are uncles, fathers, mothers, sisters; important family members who are not coming back.

First World countries’ capacity were outstripped and doctors had to choose whom to give emergency medical care, and whom to let die.

However, in Kenya, Ngatia had been ready for the coronavirus outbreak since December 2019, thanks to his access to high-level international intelligence that is available to the Kenyan Presidency, imported a lot of the testing kits and PPEs that would be critical, before the lockdown of airspace around the World.

He sold these and many more that had been re-directed from donations to those willing to pay cash. Playing with people’s lives in the middle of a pandemic.

Private hospitals in Keya continue to charge exorbitant rates for COVID-19 tests, the same will be true for a jab of covid-19 vaccines, with the Galileo Lounge discussion group still in control.

Once again, as in the testing and mishandling in 2020, the masses seems likely to miss out on the vaccines due to this evil and greedy lot.

In all the three COVID-19 waves, Ngatia held to his over 5000 critical care beds which he released to anyone willing to pay cash.

CAPTION: Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe.

Doctors too have been forgotten and if they are ever getting vaccinated, it will be at their own cost. Their treatment has shown this to be the case.

Where does the Uhuru Kenyatta Government draw a line in the sand, separating their rapacious pursuit of money for his close personal friends and family, from his sworn duty to protect and defend the lives of his countrymen?

The main national referral hospital in Kenya has fewer ICU beds despites Kenya receiving over Sh1 Trillion loan to fight COVID-19.

Ngatia hawked his beds through KEMSA and for his star performance, he was awarded hospital construction gigs by the Nairobi Metropolitan Servies (NMS) worth over 2 billion shillings.

It is the same Galileo Discussion Group that hatched the scheme that is now taking away over Sh9 billion annually from the counties.

The Sh38 billion Managed Equipment Services (MES) deal which ‘attracted’ international companies sought to supply, install, maintain, replace, and dispose off various equipment in at least two hospitals in every county.

Five international companies that won the MES tender include General Electric, Philips, Bellco SRL, Esteem, and Mindray Biomedical Company. They were to supply and equip hospitals countrywide with more than 95 high-tech machines to help manage diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

The Sh9.4 billion was a 100%+ bump-up from the initial Ksh. 4.5 Billion Contracted annually.

In simple terms, they are looting.

We all remember the use of the so-called mobile containers importation scam by Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, to bring in fully kitted, ready-to-go medical containers to serve as hospitals in some of the most remote areas of the country.

Not only were the container prices grossly over-inflated, but they had also been paid for in advance and on a cash basis to the tune of Billions of shillings in what later came to be known as the Mafya House scandal.

Without shame, the Kenyatta’s dumped the containers somewhere in Mombasa where they have rotted away unutilized for more than 5 years.

There are many other crimes that can be associated with the Galileo Discussion Group led by Ngatia.

This group of criminals preen with pride at being called corrupt and ruthless, while meeting regularly at Galileo Lounge, from whence they show the rest of Kenya the proverbial middle finger while sipping their expensive whiskeys, looking down on us for our poverty which they earnestly believe is an apparent byproduct of our lack of brains.

It is at the Mutahi Kagwe-led Ministry of Health Ministry that they have found safe haven, to execute the most elaborate finance heists and scams, while inadvertently placing the very lives of the millions of Kenyans in mortal danger.

All these with the blessings of the highest office in the land.

In the run-up to the 2013 elections, among the Kikuyu community, there was the generally accepted clincher that Uhuru Kenyatta’s rise to the Presidency was the best thing for Kenya, for the simple reason that Uhuru and his family did not need to steal from the National coffers, that his folks had done all the stealing on his behalf.

These Kikuyu hillbillies and assholes today shout that Uhuru was a big mistake and that the better solution is now William Ruto, the 2nd face of the same coin of KANU lunacy. These shits never learn!

Ngatia is the physical manifestation of unbridled greed and disrespect for human life in the conduct of business. Despite the primitive acquisition of wealth, these posers are totally incapable of liberating themselves with this wealth, instead, they are caught in the pursuit vain things such as imbibing alcohol and other unprintables.

What do you think?

Written by Mike O.


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