Rev Natasha Social Outreach Program Is Admirable

Celebrated city preacher one Rev Lucy Natasha is a generous woman with a proven background history in sharing with the needy. She is admirable before the hearts of many people: Not only because of her outstanding beauty but also kind acts of sharing in the society. The city preacher has been in the frontline in helping the less privileged families in the society with basic needs in the midst of coronavirus crisis. Natasha has travelled across the country and also different states globally together with her social outreach team [Natasha hand of compassion] .


Rev Natasha has been identifying areas of interest and later applying the quickest means possible to reach out to the affected families. Recently, we saw a popular gospel singer in Kenya being ridiculed by social media pundits after asking for financial help to sort out house and hospital bills. The phenomenal preacher learnt from the insults surfacing on the social platforms. She decided to pay an impromptu visit at evening hours together with her pastoral team.

Rev Natasha gifted the mother of one Justina Syokiau 50K, raised over 100k through a Facebook broadcast and later sorted her with a 4 month basic food plan. Her kind act might be directly derived from a biblical teaching on ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’. The phenomenal preacher has inspired thousands on the importance of giving especially amidst difficult moments in life.

However Rev Natasha has also sorted different sectors working with the government among them police officers and nurses. The bible says on Psalm 37:21that the wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives. Rev Natasha has set a good example on following Christ virtues on sharing with others with the little God has given her.

The renown phenomenal preacher began the social outreach program some years back at the beginning of her ministry. So far she has been a beacon of hope to millions of people across the globe. She cites to have been anointed by God to be a blessing to this generation.

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