Rev Natasha Disregards Naysayer’s And Advocates “Focus on God’s Calling”

  1. Rev Lucy  Natasha has apparently defended herself from the harsh criticisms and advocated for people to focus on their calling given by God and disregard the naysayers.

“Recognizing that friendship is poisonous, it is very important to protect yourself from negative effects.”


“This is a fact that happens if you have a friend who gives a bad influence that will not remind you of the importance of your time which is not only used to gather with friends, friends who have good influence will invite you to the good things and always remind you that you still have time important than having to gather. Gathering may be good as long as you know the time.”

The city popular preacher maintains a firm stand in strict confirmity to her christianity virtues. She says that her calling targets to win millions of souls to christ across the globe.


The phenomenal Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha  has been said to be the continent’s most visible preacher, a first among equals and one for whom rulers, kings and presidents bow in reverence to God and the heavenly message she carries to different parts of the continent and the world from time to time.


Reverend Lucy Natasha is one of the most dynamic and influential young preachers to emerge from the continent of Africa in recent times.
Her deep insight into God’s word and the uniqueness of her ministry appeals to diverse groups of people from all walks of life and is changing many people’s lives.










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