Rev Natasha Charts New Path For Empowerment Christian Church

Senior Overseer Christian Empowerment Church one Rev Lucy Natasha is calm and more conciliatory when it comes to matters affecting the ministry. She has been more inclusive on the ministry progress despite unnecessary accusations from social media users.
Whether it is dealing with the pressure, Rev Natasha has set a new tone in a calm and wise move. Nevertheless, you can not compare her ministry level with many others. Controversial stories have run on the social forums but it takes her strength and prayer to win the tough battle.
When Natasha appears on the church pulpit to deliver the word of God, her aura and choice of words reflects a strong face committed to excellence and who shrugs off criticism.
She always make bold and authoritative sediments in her sermons. One would describe her as a diplomatic woman.
She says
“New levels come with new devils. I’ve heard some people say as a pastor why are you so active on social media, but that is where our generation is and we need to understand that times and seasons have changed, and it’s true on one hand social media is so good, let me start with the positive side of social media, then I go to how we handle these keyboard warriors, people that are haters, first and foremost I appreciate everybody. The first advantage is we are able to preach the gospel more, we are able to win more souls, right now you will find that we are able to reach more people globally.”


The preacher has been on the frontline during the pandemic by boosting families affected hard economically and unable to raise basic needs. Thousands of families have found hope through her social outreach program.
She is now targeting millions of people across the globe as the world continues to battle the unseen enemy.

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