My fellow lady wanted to sell me to a man for money, Media personality narrates

By Mercy Mathenge via fb


I’ve been contemplating about sharing this experience but unknown forces from my ancestors have decided to take the lead.

So last weekend I visited a certain place in Kenya and you know Kenyans have the habit of sampling Nyama chomas, so this culture brought us to this lounge, We ordered Nyama and we ate but frankly speaking their meat was terrible, it didn’t feel like Nyama choma it was hard and not hot as I expected .The lounge was very classy to give us this kind of Nyama(still angry about this).

After that we decided to take a couple of drinks then head to wherever we were we were going,It didn’t take much of time ,when the DJ pulled a series of songs that made us head to the dancefloor. Oh My !!! Am so sure we nailed it even though some of us have two left feet . So next to us were a couple of Old guys with young girls relaxing taking the most expensive drinks this world would offer. So they decided to take the dance floor and we paved them way, they couldn’t last for even ten minutes despite this young girls swinging their hips and waists for them.

Now this part got me furious, I went to the washrooms and this particular girl from the old guys table followed me , at first I was insecure but I managed , this girl approached me and this is what she said ” Mambo , kuna mzae kwa table yetu amekunoki and ana madoo just name your prize and he’s willing to pay and have you ,so si unipee number yako nimpee mlink up ” Jesus Christ of Nazareth I felt like beating this girl up but you can’t kill the messenger. I told her thanks for relaying the message but am married with two kids(Y’all know the truth hahaha) and over there is my husband so am not up to task. Immediately I alerted my friends and off we left the lounge.

I know people will be in my inbox/comments like why didn’t you accept that offer blaah blaah blaah …Keep those comments to yourself I am not like that plus who told people that all young girls are enticed by money? Shame on you.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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