Maribe is innocent, should be paid for being arrested- Dennis Itumbi

One Year Later….


After today, Jowie will apply for bail and he will most likely get the bond. The last protected witness testifies today.

However, like I have always said, the question is, why was Jacque Maribe arrested, locked up and charged? Her lawyers, will get that answer on cross examination am sure.

Was it a question of investigations? Or just a way to keep a media hungry DCI on the headlines? Those questions will be answered by evidence, fact and the law.

I ask because from the eyes of a layman, no-one has implicated, associated or even suggested her involvement in the murder – even after tens of leaked details by DCI to Media that lasted for a month.

That question will be answered in the fullness of time, by the court.

The truth will soon become obvious, it is just a matter of time before what we have consistently said on this matter is proven to be true.

At that point, I pray Monica’s family gets Justice and the much needed answers and hopefully, by Grace, closure.

It is also unfortunate what Maribe, her immediate family has had to go through, on the basis of clearly hyped and fabricated charges.

Justice for Monica, is justice for all.

I wish all involved the Justice they deserve.

To those who lied, to create drama and headlines, I hope when the injustice you created is over, your Justice will follow.

To the family, defence and prosecution lawyers, wisdom and strength.

To the court wisdom.


What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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