Justina Syokiau Hails Rev Natasha For Support Amid Trial

Gospel Musician Justina Syokau better known for the hit song 2020. Has been trending the past few days this is after she asked for help openly on her social media page, this was received with mixed reaction.


She said she was sick and she had sold everything to be able to offset the medical bills for her rare skin condition, she was actually left without even food. She even gave out a playbook number and Kenyans joined hands to help her.

Among those who visited her when sick is the well known popular pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha, as she visited her with her team and brought her many food stuffs and also prayed for her.

Celebrated 2020 hit maker Justina Syokiau has finally testified that she is now healed after receiving prayers from Rev Lucy Natasha. In a video shared through the ministry official social media platform, the gospel singer thanks the ECC family for standing with her during the difficult moment of pain and shame.

However, Justina who rose to limelight some years back had appealed to Kenyans to help in sorting out huge hospital bill. she was diagnosed with a skin and liver disease after being prescribed with wrong medication leading to the tough mess.

Syokiau later explained how she developed rashes but however she thought it was an allergic reaction. Unfortunately even after going to hospital, her body never responded to treatment.

The mother of one has been promising Kenyans of better days ahead despite the COVID-19 wave affecting their financial and economic status. She has been requesting her followers to hold their faith and believe that there is a God in heaven.

The phenomenal singer and also a member of Empowerment Christian Church has a reason to celebrate after she got we. Justina attended the Tuesday service and led a powerful praise moment. She believes that it was through the prayers of Rev Natasha and her mum that brought the immediate change.

Apparently the ministry has been visiting her during that period. Some past few weeks, Rev Natasha fundraised over 100K through her Facebook live page, gave her 50K and sorted her with 3 months basic food plan.

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