JKIA express way killing the ecosystem

By Wandia Njoya


So we’re driving along Mombasa road, and I’m admiring the green grass between the highways. Then, as we get close to Cabanas and boom! We see ugly tractors digging for the Nairobi expressway (and they are still going to hive off Uhuru Park, by the way. They are just quiet for now).

Imagine. These politicians looked at that space, and thought it was a waste of land, and it would be better to put a double decker mass of concrete for cars to pass on. We the raia didn’t deserve to see any green while the rich need to get home without the inconvenience of traffic jams. The warmth we now feel, the light we now see across the road and beyond, will now be blocked by one long snake of concrete.

What kind of twisted mind thinks like that? They look at green space and think to themselves “this is a waste of land.” Green space for Nairobians is a waste to politicians.

We have sick and twisted minds running our politics. They hate green, because green stands for something they have not touched and distorted. Green, plants minding their own business and growing without praising politicians, stands for a world beyond their control. And that, politicians cannot have. So it’s not just the constitution that bothers the political class. It’s Mother Nature herself.

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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