Industrious, Youngest Mombasa MCA Moses Civilizer, Amazing Tack Record

In politics, loyalty has a price and some MCAs in Mombasa are about to find this out.


Nominated MCA Hon. Moses Aran Oindo a.k.a Cv’lizer or Youth Commander as he is commonly reffered to by his supporters is one who fully respects the process.

The budding politician spoke with bravado sending chills down the knees of his competitors and all those against the ODM party and Governor Joho. He has made it a sombre time for quite a number of rising politicians who are waiting to be spoon-fed.

‘‘I am a student from Joho school of politics’’ the young lawmaker says

Cvlizer is fast growing with populist and nationalist sentiment, which is a common thing in politics. While some may argue that today populists are social media savvy ….so what? It’s what you do off the cameras and off the courts that make you worthy of the people’s support. The support online and offline that Cv’lizer enjoys is a result of the real work he is putting on the ground. Community Library through his foundation is complete, disadvantaged kids are in school and a couple of musical talents are in mentorship programs through the Jeshi Movement.

It is unwritten law today that to actively engage with your supporters you need active social media accounts. He is making good use of social media, directly connecting with his constituents, closely aligning with the cornerstone of populism; “ruled by the people”.

‘Similarly, social media makes it possible for anyone’s voice to be elevated, not just pundits and plutocrats’ finds Hendrickson and Galston. This, when coupled with constructive projects inspire a good following and elevates one above sleeping giants. 

Moses has evolved into a more forceful politician and youth leader than most of his peers and even some sitting politicians from the coastal region today.

He keeps steady on his path and has not forgotten where his star started to shine, he is Governor Joho’s biggest supporter.

Larry Stone, a democratic fundraiser in California says ‘You’ve really got to secure your base before you start off to do other things.

Cv’lizer has his base locked, not verbally but with real projects that inspire hope and development. As he wanders off with the governor, he leaves people only with options to direct him on positions to go for in 2022. ‘Mhesh ingia bunge, mhesh ingia senate, mhesh mhesh….’  and the list is endless. Yes, people support him that much in Mombasa and the outspoken MCA fully declared his interest in the Tudor MCA seat come 2022.

‘Joho school’ must be churning out fully baked students. Moses has transformed a great deal, from a mere youth leader to a unifying factor in Mombasa. He recently had a handshake with young leaders from other political factions in the county and in a presser he promised to work with other young leaders for the good of the county. ‘Peace, unity and development’ he emphasized.

Community involvement

Nominated Member of the Mombasa County Assembly Moses Aran Oindo is on the limelight for a noble reasons.

Mr. Aran famously known as Civilizer has boldly joined the menstrual hygiene campaign in Mombasa with an aim of safeguarding girls from exploitation and to some extent sexual abuse for not able to afford sanitary towels.

Aran together with women organisation Usaidizi Women and Girl-Child Society made a unique gesture in ensuring girls from humble backgrounds and in slums get the necessary need.

“Men needs to be in the forefront in securing the girl child on this issue, let’s not shy away but join the noble course,” said Mr. Aran

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Written by Mike O.


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