How sexual advances sunk PR boss, dirty links to his friends too cost him big time

Scan Group Board Of directors on Friday suspended two of its top directors over alleged misconduct.


Several sources however indicate that the Bharat Thakrar, a member of the famous ‘Boys Club’ that emerged after the demise of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore is under fire for sexual harassment and embezzlement of company funds.

Indeed, many working in hotels within the capital and exotic getaway resorts at the coast and Mt Kenya region indicate he has been seen with countless young girls in his arms, a clear indication of his immoral activities and advances towards employees and mostly interns.

The paedophile Thakrar who founded the firm in 1982 is said to be in the habit of luring female employees with treats through expensive business trips but forces them to sleep with him and pays them for their silence, a WPP investigation shows.

The investigations revealed that Thakrar has also created numerous dummy PR agencies that he uses to siphon funds from WPP ScanGroup by fake invoicing for non-existent works.

A female staff that spoke anonymously said that the ‘business trips’ often cost a lot of money where they are silenced with money after the sexual act which most can’t refuse for fear of losing their jobs.

Through a statement, The Board of Directors said that it has suspended the employment of the Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Thakrar and the Chief Finance Officer, Satyabrata Das “to allow for an investigation into allegations of gross misconduct and possible offences in their capacity as senior executives and employees of the Company.”

The board went ahead and delegated Alec Graham to act as the Interim Chief Operating Officer who will run the companies business.

“The Board has delegated authority to an interim Chief Operating Officer Mr Alec Graham to ensure the continued management of the Company with the support of the Board and the Senior Executives of the company’s subsidiaries” The statement reads.

Shareholders and investors are advised to exercise caution when dealing with the Company’s security.

It comes as no surprise as this ‘Boys Club’ member is used to corruption.

Like other members of the club, only journalist Jeff Koinange is not known to host damsels but, he also has a nasty story in the past that saw him accused by an elderly white woman of rape and illicit sexual advances.

At KCB, Joshua Oigara’s fame with beautiful women at the headquarters is not strange and many, including Judith Sidi Odhiambo are favoured most times, in what the rumour mill says is closeness to Oigara.

Peter Kenneth’s record with old, young and married and single women cannot be disputed. He has been known to chase many politicians, including one who served as MP from Central Kenya in the last parliament.

It is Thakrar that covered up for corrupt corporate Safaricom Plc when the KPMG Audit report exposed the high level of corruption in that Telco.

It is the same ScanGroup CEO that colluded with Twitter and powers that be to report Twitter accounts that it deemed to be either too critical of its client or taking away advertising revenues.

Bharat Thakrar bribes Safaricom senior management at Safaricom in order to keep his deficient contract operational.

Last year, the telco tried and failed to drop a story critical of the Safaricom management after Thakrar used the wrong contacts to kill the story.


ScanGroup does mediocre marketing concepts for Safaricom but gets away with it because of the above.

ScanGroup has also enlisted famous and some, notitious bloggers on social media whose work is to retweet anything dispatched by the characters we mentioned above. For example, in the recent Home Fibre scam that the Telco was caught for, these low-lifes who live off freebies, merchandise and tickets to events that ScanGroup oversees.

There has been a sustained defence of the Home Fibre scam on Twitter and some blogs, because, as long as this chain of idlers is fed with freebies, they will spend all day retweeting and doing subliminal campaigns for corporates, using inferior or copied concepts.

The KPMG audit showed Safaricom lost millions in illegal contracts. In fact, the report says ScanGroup is one of those that benefitted from illegal contract award.

The report indicates that Safaricom sent out a Request for Proposals (RFP) on 19th December 2013 and closed on 23rd January 2014. Amongst the companies who submitted bids included RedHouse Group, Nurturn Bates, Express DDBO, Transcend Media, Scanad Kenya and J. Walter Thompson Kenya Limited.

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Written by Mike O.


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