How banks waste people’s time in Kenya, disgusting

By Silas Nyanchwani via fb
This morning, I wasted about two hours in the banking hall. The two hours were extremely very valuable to me, but the transactions were very necessary to postpone.


In Bank A, where I was withdrawing the cash, the queues can take so long because on average, it takes 17 minutes serving one client. (Today, I noticed why, because my transaction had an error that it takes a trained eye to detect, and it wasted some three more minutes to correct, but still).

In Bank B, where I went to make the deposit, as it stipulates, anything below Sh 50,000, you use the ‘agents’, ladies (I wonder why it is only women who work as agents in banks when receiving deposits). So I went to the agents, but the transaction could not go through, thus, I picked a ticket,and the average waiting time on the ticket was 7 minutes. But 30 minutes later, my number had been bypassed, I had to walk up to the counter and raise some bit of hell. The bank has like 20 counters, but only two were working. Well, I deposited the money, and left fuming, especially given had not taken breakfast.

Last week, I went to Coop Bank to pay my rent. I usually pay at Coop House headquarters and for the first time I noticed the lady agents were no longer there. Instead, it is a humongous machine to receive the cash, at the time, manned by one man. There used to be three or four ladies who received the money and like that, they are out of a job.

Which brings me to my dilemma. I want to oppose automation, especially the mindless type. Because by introducing machines, Coop Bank can be more efficient. But the several women who have recently gotten the jobs as ‘agents’, even though temporarily, are now out of job. Yes, I have saved time, but someone is sleeping hungry.

Sometime next year, you will hear that the CEO of the bank has pocketed Sh 300 million as bonuses for the year, for bringing profit to the company. The bank will post like 20 billion as profit for shareholders.

But is it really moral for one man to pocket Sh 300 million as a bonus, yet some hapless people have been rendered jobless.
Would it be fair, if say the man pocketed half of the bonus, and the rest can be used to keep the women at work.

Ama I am being stupid.
Nyamwange Ombuna hebu teach me.

What do you think?

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