Hon. Moses Kuria goes into hiding as EACC detectives haunt for him

By Onyango Ochieng JNR


Moses Kuria has gone into hiding like an earthworm digging deep into its burrow. EACC sleuths are pursuing him using sniffer dogs. They are sniffing allover Nairobi and Kiambu for this corrupt, coward, criminal congenital liar. They will turn his whole neighborhood upside down until they catch him the way USA caught that ISIS boss. But now the ISIS guy blew himself up, will Moses blow himself up tonight? Will he sneak into Indian ocean and sleep with the fishes, will he sneak into the moon and permanently hide there, will he cross the border into Somali and hide in Alshabab territory where govt can’t get him the way Osama hid under Taliban protection… Or maybe, just maybe he will sneak into Suguta Marmar and hide under cattle rustlers! I think, he should just blow himself up, after all I told you he is a human hand grenade always looking for where to explode…

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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