Handshake brothers celebrates 3 years birthday

On this day 3yrs ago on 9th of March 2018, I almost fainted!



I vividly remember that it was a sunny Friday morning, lying lazily I the couch somewhere in Kisii Town. There was no electricity so I was being economical with the 7% charge in my phone as I waited for power to be back. I was offline.


Then someone made what I call a distress call. It was about noon.


“Hello bro, nini imefanyikia Raila?” ~ Asked Blessed Joshua from the other end of the call. I asked him what he saying but before he said anything I was already on my feet running. I didn’t know where exactly I was headed to.


I took the nearest route to town. My phone was now ringing vigorously. One call after another. I never picked none. I boarded an okada and gave instructions to ride on a bullet speed. I made my first stop at Bellavista, Kisii. People were all over glued on TV. Then I was hit with the news, President Kenyatta meets Opposition Leader Raila Odinga, that was the headline on Citizen TV. Uhuru Kenyatta was speaking at the time.


I was relieved. I breathed well since the time I received that call.


I’d thought of the worst. God forbid.


I completely became confused now. The talk was that Baba had abandoned ODM and joined Jubilee. Everybody looked disoriented, people were talking in low tones and others shying away from group talks. Others peeped throw windows of offices heartbroken and devastated. They looked like they were mourning.


I felt like I have been rained on! I was wet all over, befuddled like fish that has just been thrown out of water.


I requested for a charger and retreated to Facebook to defend Baba’s moves. Completely confused and not knowing exactly what I was supposed to say. My duty was just to differ with whoever condemned Baba.


My first post was to attack what I referred to the League of Cowards who skipped the Uhuru Park coronation. I then asked a question why anyone was being agitated when Presidents were holding bilateral talks. I passionately defended Baba on something I knew nothing about, I did my best.


Then it later dawned on me that the magical, miraculous HANDSHAKE has been BORN. The whole world was happy. We are still happy. There’s peace everywhere. Even flies can now orgarsm on top of a police officer’s head. Peace is sweet than unprotected karumaindo!


Happy 3rd Birthday Handshake.

What do you think?

Written by Mike O.


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