America Rejects BBI Over Massive Graft and Impunity

President Donald Trump’s administration, in its quest to stand with the People of Kenya in fighting corruption, has rubbished the Building Bridges Initiative chaperoned by President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.


During a press conference delivered by the US Secretary of State, the BBI senior most member and advisor Hon. Amos Wako was banned from setting foot in the US. Reasons being, Wako is among the most corrupt people in the world, a threat to world’s economy. The US claims, it has confidential reports that made them arrive at that decision.

Wako is not just your ordinary Senator. Amos is a former powerful attorney General, who wore three hats. Sheria house was the second arena of power after Moi’s office then. The AG was the Director of Prosecutions, the government’s lawyer and advisor as well as the solicitor general who entered into contracts on behalf of the government. Wako was the Haji, Kihara and Ogeto of that time. Wako is also having an affair with the DCJ, Philomena Mwilu. Wako was a darling of President Moi, and Kibaki would not resist him because he was the custodian of most Kanu money deals.

Wako drafted the Goldenberg scandal that almost killed our economy totally. Wako draft the anglo-leasing and all other major scams involving top government officials. Wako watered down the Bomas draft of 2005 and presented a below par Wako Draft that divided this nation.

Wako has been a great friend of the Odinga family, visiting Opoda farm many times and was the covert Raila’s deal man during the grand coalition government, which made him be rewarded with ODM’s nomination certificate to contest for Busia County senatorial seat in 2013. He was also a major financier of Odinga’s campaigns in 2013 and 2017. He was to be issued with Busia governorship ticket in 2022 as the ultimate reward.

Wako also has a good relationship with President Kenyatta, Gideon Moi, and other royal families in the country as well as the backing of influential businessmen who he cut deals for when he was AG.

In 2013, it’s Amos who convinced Raila to let go after the shoddy shot-short Mutunga led Supreme Court ruling that upheld Uhuru’s victory.

In 2017, after Raila’s defeat in the polls, Wako was among the leading brains that knitted NASA’s petition and remained a key knight of Raila’s roundtable of legal heads.

In February, the soft spoken power man met Uhuru and that’s how the discussion of the building Bridges to a new Kenya began. He is the one who later on talked to Raila about the possibility of a deal with Uhuru. The Handshake deal which he brokered saw billions of money exchange hands , with Raila pocketing a handsome sum privately, and over 10 billion being spent from the public coffers to finance the operations of the BBI team.

No one would be trusted to be the legal advisor of BbI by both agents of the deep state and by Raila’s circles – the dynasty, more than Wako. That’s how Wako’s name was slotted, with the blessings of President Moi and other power houses.

Ironically, Raila and his brother Uhuru, believe that a man who misadvised two governments, leading to losses of over half of our budget, can lead the construction of a bridge to a better Kenya.

BBI has corruption as one of the monsters it wants to slay, yet, it’s top proponents are the most corrupt beings on earth.

The US through Amb. Ranerberger(2009) said that “Wako is the major obstacle to ending the culture of impunity in Kenya.” UK Serious Fraud Office stamped Wako as ‘corrupt and a hindrance to prosperity in Kenya. Justice Philip Waki adversely mentions Wako. A UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings mentions Wako, in relations to the 2008 PEV killings.

The defunct KACC and parliaments PAC made recommendations linking Wako to graft and shielding plunderers from arrest. A judicial commission of enquiry into goldenberg scandal links Wako to the scam that robbed our nation of over 100 billion shillings.

Wako is the face of impunity. Wako is the face of corruption. Wako is the face of economic collapse of our nation. And importantly, Wako is the face and ear of the BBI.

America’s rejection of Wako is an indication that my namesake President Trump administration does not believe in the BBI scam, headed by a scambug that has masterminded serious scandals in Kenya over three decades.

Nothing happens without a reason. The signals from Washington are clear enough to bring sights on blind men that BBI and its proponents are set to face the same rejection from the International community as it is facing internally, with the US and UK having no confidence in the team of bridge welders hired by Odinga and Ouru.

Donald Agwenge ?
A commentator on current affairs and a Pan-Africanist

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